Magicman Eat It


” It’s really effective after posting the link of wikipedia that proves you were right in the argument all the time”

Any AdventureTime fan in the room? no? SHAME ON YOU! AdventureTime is probably the best cartoon that has ever existed, well, at least it is for me. If you have lived the last few years in a cave and never heard about that let me give you a brief resume: a kid and his dog fight the evil in the land of Ooo. Yeah I know how it sounds like, just another cartoon for kids, and yes if you have googled some images of it, it looks just like another cartoon for kids, but the truth is completely different. This cartoon is filled with the randomest, craziest and most bizarre characters and situations, and you never know what it’s going to happen, because it can happen ANYTHING!. Have you ever seen Spongebob Squarepants? well, it’s kind of Spongebob on acid.

It was just a matter of (a little) time that I’ll bring you a gif from AdvTime, and here it is the first one (be sure more will come). In this gif we can see how “Magicman” writes in the sky an explicit “EAT IT”. Magicman is probably one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever seen, this guy is there basically to piss off everybody, a jerk, a true troll. He’s that kind of asshole that first screws your day and then says “EAT IT”, isn’t he adorable?.

As this gif is quite explicit, I don’t really think is necesary to explain when you can use it, but anyway, it’s really effective after posting the link of wikipedia that proves you were right in the argument all the time. Maybe you lose a friend or two with this gif, but believe me, it’d be totally worth it (probably those friends were assholes).

Utility: 3/5

Fun: 4/5

Awesomeness: 3/5

Absurdity: 2/5

Overall: three stars and one marshmallow


Timon Nope


“You can use it to say “fuck off” without pissing off anyone”

One of these little pleasures that makes the life worth living is to say “no”. We all felt at some point the truly satisfaction that only negation offers. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult, we live in a society that is constantly telling us we have to be nice, polite, agreed with everything and everybody, and it’s exhausting. Maybe that’s why is so pleasant to just say “no”.

But there is a problem about that, as I said before we are supposed to agreed with everything all the time, because nobody likes an asshole that is always complaining and disagreed, ugh, can you imagine?.

So, we have to find a way to say NO that doesn’t really bother people. Of course I’m talking about a gif, but I can’t be ANY gif, we are treating a sensitve issue for godsake. In that case the choice of a Disney moment looks like a good option, Disney movies are always friendly, full of lovely characters and guaranteeing fun to all ages. Maybe you don’t have a favorite Disney movie, but also you probably don’t hate them, so why not?.

That makes this gif another useful one, you can use it to say “fuck off” without pissing off anyone, people will be like “aaaaaaw Timon is so cute” and nothing would happen, that’s the magic of this gif. I highly recommend to have it ready to be posted.

Utility: 5/5

Fun: 2/5

Awesomeness: 2/5

Absurdity: 0/5

Overall: two coconuts

Malcom Smiles


“Simple, effective, a classic”

I loved dinosaurs since I was a kid, a little kid, so for me, as for so many other kids, the release of Jurassic Park was such a huge event, even when I was too young to watch it on the cinema. 22 years after that I still love dinosaurs, and I’m not the only one (proof of that is the great box office success of Jurassic World) and Jurassic Park still keeps its status of “best dinosaur movie of all times”.

And who’s the most beloved non-dinosaur character of Jurassic Park? yes, Ian Malcom, the funny guy that had no fucking idea about dinosaurs and was there for no real reason. But he really had a few of good moments, and was so charismatic, that we can forgive him for not having a fucking idea about dinosaurs.

In this gif we can see him just smiling of pure amazement when he saw a living dinosaur for first time, is simple, effective, a classic, just a cool guy watching a dinosaur for first time in his life. Do you think you can have such a sexy smile in that situacion? no, you wouldn’t, you’d freak your shit out, as I’d do. That’s the difference between us and Ian Malcom.

This gif is absolutely handy and useful, probably one the gifs I use the most, works well both as ironicaly and non-ironicaly way of expression. You can use it as an answer to something funny, surprising or even bizarre. Yeah, this is one of my favorite gifs.

Utility: 5/5

Fun: 3/5

Awesomeness: 4/5

Absurdity: 1/5

Overall: a dinosaur biscuit

Hello everyone!

Internet is great, yeah, I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking that start a blog with such an obvious statement is not a big deal. Well, it may not be a big deal, but it’s something to think about. Internet was the last big information and comunication revolution, it changed the way we contact people, the way we get the news, the way the word is spread, everything is now much faster and more accessible. That’s what everyone would tell you about the impact that internet had in our lives, but that’s not the key thing about the internet. The true revolution came with the jokes, now any joke that cames to our minds can be shared with thousands or even millions of people in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks, and that’s pretty awesome, because that encourage people to do some things that previously can only be shared with their groups of friends, and they often didn’t worth the effort required, but what if instead of 4 or 5 friends that would be seen by thousand of unknow people? well, that’s a different story.

So thanks to the internet we discoverd how dumb we are (and that’s quite, quite dumb). Our stupitness has come in many forms, such as the memes, the usual youtube videos, or lately, the vines. But my favorite has always been the gifs. I don’t really know why, but there are not many things that are funnier for me than a good gif. So I created this blog as an ode to the gifs, this little animated images that so many times made me laugh, a place to share with you the funniest and more useful gifs I could find.

Welcome to Animated Emotions.