Malcom Smiles


“Simple, effective, a classic”

I loved dinosaurs since I was a kid, a little kid, so for me, as for so many other kids, the release of Jurassic Park was such a huge event, even when I was too young to watch it on the cinema. 22 years after that I still love dinosaurs, and I’m not the only one (proof of that is the great box office success of Jurassic World) and Jurassic Park still keeps its status of “best dinosaur movie of all times”.

And who’s the most beloved non-dinosaur character of Jurassic Park? yes, Ian Malcom, the funny guy that had no fucking idea about dinosaurs and was there for no real reason. But he really had a few of good moments, and was so charismatic, that we can forgive him for not having a fucking idea about dinosaurs.

In this gif we can see him just smiling of pure amazement when he saw a living dinosaur for first time, is simple, effective, a classic, just a cool guy watching a dinosaur for first time in his life. Do you think you can have such a sexy smile in that situacion? no, you wouldn’t, you’d freak your shit out, as I’d do. That’s the difference between us and Ian Malcom.

This gif is absolutely handy and useful, probably one the gifs I use the most, works well both as ironicaly and non-ironicaly way of expression. You can use it as an answer to something funny, surprising or even bizarre. Yeah, this is one of my favorite gifs.

Utility: 5/5

Fun: 3/5

Awesomeness: 4/5

Absurdity: 1/5

Overall: a dinosaur biscuit


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