Timon Nope


“You can use it to say “fuck off” without pissing off anyone”

One of these little pleasures that makes the life worth living is to say “no”. We all felt at some point the truly satisfaction that only negation offers. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult, we live in a society that is constantly telling us we have to be nice, polite, agreed with everything and everybody, and it’s exhausting. Maybe that’s why is so pleasant to just say “no”.

But there is a problem about that, as I said before we are supposed to agreed with everything all the time, because nobody likes an asshole that is always complaining and disagreed, ugh, can you imagine?.

So, we have to find a way to say NO that doesn’t really bother people. Of course I’m talking about a gif, but I can’t be ANY gif, we are treating a sensitve issue for godsake. In that case the choice of a Disney moment looks like a good option, Disney movies are always friendly, full of lovely characters and guaranteeing fun to all ages. Maybe you don’t have a favorite Disney movie, but also you probably don’t hate them, so why not?.

That makes this gif another useful one, you can use it to say “fuck off” without pissing off anyone, people will be like “aaaaaaw Timon is so cute” and nothing would happen, that’s the magic of this gif. I highly recommend to have it ready to be posted.

Utility: 5/5

Fun: 2/5

Awesomeness: 2/5

Absurdity: 0/5

Overall: two coconuts


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