Beard fucksIgive


“This gif is a slow burn”

Runners, Youtubers, Gymmers (probably this word doesn’t exist, but you get the concept, right?), and of course that friend that is always complaining/crying of his/her personal life… our social networks are full of annoying people who are ALL DAY posting their stupid achievements, asking you to watch their last video about whatever you don’t care, or telling their experiences at the gym. These are just examples, I’m sure you can think about a few more.

The truth is, my beloved friends, we absolutely don’t give a fuck at all of what most of the people we have in our social networks post/say, and it’s ok like that, “scroll” is a very healthy exercise, we just ignore the 90% of what we see, and nobody expects we do something different.

Except THOSE PEOPLE who INSIST in making you watch, sign, read, give your opinion of whatever they do. I consider those people at the same level of trolls: the most annoying people on the internet. The cure for that? sadly I’m afraid there is no cure yet, what I personaly recomend is unfriend/unfollow these contacts, and probably block them, but I know it’s not always easy to do that with certain relatives or close friends (whatever is the reason of why they are your friends).

What gif should you use in that case? well, there are plenty of them to use, unfortunately this kind of people are so common that internet is filled with gifs and memes to show how much you care about whatever those people tell you, so is kind of difficult choose just one (we will return to this “category” sooner or later, there are so many too good to be forgotten), but my first choice would probably be this one. Why? well, there are a few reasons:

1- I like beards, I don’t see myself without mine, and I like how in this gif the beard has a central role.

2- I don’t have any idea of where it came from (if you do, please tell me) but it really looks like is old. 60s? 70s? I don’t know, but it has the charm of the old stuff. I know, I know, the point 1 and 2 may sound like the typicall hipster shit, but this gif is so odd that it’s safe from being considered hipster.

3- It’s ironic. I always preffer the gifs that say “look all the fucks I give” rather than the ones that say “I don’t give a fuck”.

4- The movement of the camera: first getting close and then, when the purpose of the gif is revealed , goes away. It adds a dramatic effect on the gif that simply looks great.

5- And most important, what it really makes this gif awesome: the rhythm. This gif is a slow burn, it takes its time, time people are watching at their screen thinking”what the fuck is this shit?” and then boom! it explodes in your face. Brilliant.

Utility: 3/5

Fun: 3/5

Awesomeness: 5/5

Absurdity: 3/5

Overall: A bagel with bacon


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